Research Paper

Skateboarding, that is how i get around, if I want to go to the gas station for a nice cold drink, and some candy or chips, guess how i get there. Wait hold on I’ll just tell you, I ride my . . . . SKATEBOARD!!

This is a short paper about my favorite skater, and a little bit about skateboarding. His name is Collin Provost. 

Collin Provost is a skater and he has these sponers, Toy Machine, Thunder, Spitfire, Emerica, Volcom, Oakley, and Red Bull( Maloof Skateboarding).

The reason I like him is because he skates my favorite type of board . . . Toy Machine, My Favorite type of trucks . . . Thunder. He also rides for Spitfire-wheels, Emerica-shoes-, Volcom-apparel-, Oakley-sunglasses-, and Red Bull-drinks.

He is from Huntington Beach, CA , he is ”Goofy”( Maloof Skateboarding), that means when he stands on a skateboard he puts his right foot forward. I on the other hand am ”Regular” that means i put my left foot forward.

 Collin is my favorite skater because he is like me in a way because i used to skate vert-ramps, and quarter pipes- but know I skate street- stairs, loading docks- like he did. I realized that I didnt get a rush from skating ramps like I do skating street. I will sometimes skate vert still but only at my friends house, because he has alot of ramps.





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Special Olympics

On April, 14 2011, I will be a volunteere for the special olympics. The reason I am doing that is because my little sister Catherine, is going to be in the Special Olympics. Because she is mentaly retarded. She has Down Syndrome. Thats is were you have 47 Chromosomes in stead of 46 like me and you. It makes her tounge bigger than her mouth so it sometimes hangs out of her mouth. So it slurs he speach, and also she doesnt act her age. She was born on December 25, 2002 and thats when we found out she had down syndrome. We were shocked but we were also happy. She is improving on her speech and she is super friendy. Another annual thing we do for her is participate in the Buddy Walk. Thats were we walk around a lake or pond and raise money for the association and do activities. At the Special Olympics you can go in a trailer and inside it is like a house and you can escape like if its a real fire and paint some clay items.




That’s how i get all my unrelieved stress out,

Some people punch walls,

Sometimes even cut themselves,

But I,

I Skateboard.

I love to hear the wheels roaring like a lion as I go down a steep hill,

I love trying technical tricks down ledges,

It makes my adreniline rush!

There is two thing I hate about skateboarding,

Bailing and being done for the night.


I am the Shaq of Skateboarding,

Im amazing at some tricks,

But I suck at others.