Research Paper

Skateboarding, that is how i get around, if I want to go to the gas station for a nice cold drink, and some candy or chips, guess how i get there. Wait hold on I’ll just tell you, I ride my . . . . SKATEBOARD!!

This is a short paper about my favorite skater, and a little bit about skateboarding. His name is Collin Provost. 

Collin Provost is a skater and he has these sponers, Toy Machine, Thunder, Spitfire, Emerica, Volcom, Oakley, and Red Bull( Maloof Skateboarding).

The reason I like him is because he skates my favorite type of board . . . Toy Machine, My Favorite type of trucks . . . Thunder. He also rides for Spitfire-wheels, Emerica-shoes-, Volcom-apparel-, Oakley-sunglasses-, and Red Bull-drinks.

He is from Huntington Beach, CA , he is ”Goofy”( Maloof Skateboarding), that means when he stands on a skateboard he puts his right foot forward. I on the other hand am ”Regular” that means i put my left foot forward.

 Collin is my favorite skater because he is like me in a way because i used to skate vert-ramps, and quarter pipes- but know I skate street- stairs, loading docks- like he did. I realized that I didnt get a rush from skating ramps like I do skating street. I will sometimes skate vert still but only at my friends house, because he has alot of ramps.





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