Social Justice LIVE notes

During this assignment on WallWisher I noticed alot of stuff here they are, Everyone put the same thing almost, I think that everyone believes child abuse is bad according to what they posted. Some people on here think that drugs are the main caus eof child abuse, I agree with them alot, I wonder what % of child abuse happens from drugs. There are 26 people so far that have posted on the child abuse topic and the rest have not even ten or barley over ten comments, this just shoes how many people like this topic, I wonder if any of the peopole who commented it have been abused when they were a child or now.

Interesting Blogs from the other students

There is 4 people who’s blog I thought was interesting, Nerieda, Jerry, Aj, and Joey. Here are the links to them. Nerieda’s is about the KKK, Jerry’s is about Malcom X, Aj’s is about animal cruelty, and Joey’s is about Death Penalty. Enjoi!!


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That’ all the links just click on the name of who you wanna go to and it will take you there!!

KKK History

Why does the KKK burn a cross?

The second KKK Klan adopted burning a cross usually a Latin cross. The first Klan didn’t use a Latin cross, but the cross symbolized intimidation for colored people mainly for the second Klan(”Ku Klux Klan”). Why did they cover there faces with pointy hats with a cloth draping down? Why do they where white? They used masks and robes to hide their identities and make their night rides more dramatic. When the KKK night riders went out in their journey to kill colored people, the people thought they were ghost of angry confederate soldiers who wanted revenge because they dressed in all white(”Ku Klux Klan”). Why did they hate black people? They were mad at freed slaves after the Civil War. Their goal was to reestablish the dominance of the prewar plantation (Guisepi). When was the first group created? The first Klan was created right after the war was over, they were a single united group(McCormack).

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A Blast From the Past

On April 7th 3025, Connor Oneal move into a new neighborhood. Its mainly kids except this really old man who looks like he should have dide 50 years ago. Connor likes to do one thing and one thing only, skateboard. He is really good at it and loves it. Later that day Connor helps his mom get everything inside then he was about to go outside then he heard the doorbell ring. He opened the door and that old man had a basket in his hand and says Welcome to the nieghborhood Connor, Connor was confused and said ” How do you know my name?” The old man stared at him then hobbled off. Connor opened the basket, inside of it was a homemade cherry pie and a note. Connor’s mom walked in the room and asked what was in the basket. Connor handed her the basket and he ran upstairs hiding the note and then he read the note. When he opened the the note it said ” I know you don’t reconize me but you will when you get done withthis amazing journey. Go outside and dig in your back yard towards the middle, when you find a silver tin lunchbox come over to my house.” So just then Connor when outside and started digging. Two and a half hours later he found the lunchbox and ran to the old man’s house. The lunchbox had writing on it but it was scratched off so he couldn’t understand what was on it. He got the the man’s house, he knocked on the door and there was no answer. HE knocked again and the man answered. He opened the door and said ”Hello Connor!” Connor said ”Hi I found the lunch box like you said but there is a lock on it. The old man didn’t say anything but he just dropped a key outside and closed the door. Connor went home and decided not to open it till later. Connor laid down for a little bit and he thought about all this. When he got up he opened the lunch box when he looked inside there was another note. He opened it and it said ”Connor you need to kind the answers to these three questions I will only give you one at a time once you find one answer you will get another question. First question Who invented skateboarding. p.s if you add the date the next question will be alot easier. To find the answer look out side on your house there is some letters there is ten in all find them you will find it hard to find the date but its on your skateboard.” Connor ran out side and found the letters ” Lrayr Mdose”. He scrambled them up every day for  a month. He finally got it! The words unscramble to be ” LARRY MODES” the inventor of the skateboard. Now he wants to find the date. He ran and got is skateboard. and he ran to the old man’s house and gave him the name and the old man said” This took less time then i thought i will give you the date. It is 1954. The next question is What did skateboarding mean when it was invented.” Go to the beach and the answer will be there you have to ask the right person though.” That day Connor rode his skateboard down to the beach when he got there he saw this really ugly lady. So he started asking random people. No one knew the answer and right then and there it clicked! He asked the lady and she knew the answer .It was surfing on land or outside of water! Connor ran home and went straight to the old man and he got the third question. The third and final question is ” What popular sporst come before skateboarding on the popular scale.” Later that day all of Connors freinds came over and told them they quit skateboarding and started to play football. Connor was so mad at them but at that point he could care less because he needed to find the answer to this question. This was the hardest question of all because the old man never gave him any hints like the other two questions. Everyday his friends asked him to join them and play football instead of skating. He never did.  Then one day Connor went to the old man’s house. Right as the man answered one of his friends asked him to play a game of football and he said to his friend ” yeaa I’ll play lett me tell this guy something, I’ll meet you at the park.” The old man asked ” What do you need Connor?” Connor told the man that he is giving up the search for the finall question. The old man was disapointed. Connor went to the park and was playing a game of football and he caught the ball. He was shocked but he ran, fast. He was juking everyone out and he hopped over this one kid and made a touchdown. When he made the touchdown he finally figured it out. The first sport was football. He ran to the man’s house and beated to door with his fist and shouted for the old man. He finally answered the door. He said ” Yes?” Connor said ” I found one of the answers its football!” and ” I don’t give up.” The old man said ” Very good Connor.” ” Now go find the last part of the answer.” Connor ran home and turned on the t.v, and began watching a basketball game. His favorite team was playing, Duke. They were playing against UNC, his least favorite team. When it went to a comercial the annocer said ” We will be right back with the game, but for now listen to these fun facts, Basketball is the second most poular sport in the world right behind football and before skateboarding. Connor said ” That’s interesting.” It took Connor a minute or two but he finally got it, he found the answer! He was so happy but right as he was about to leave to go to the man’s house, his mom walks in the room and says ” Where do you think your going mister, your grounded!” Connor yells back at her ” For what mom!” she replied back saying ” You went to the park without telling me.” He sighed and shruggeded he shoulders the stompped upstairs and slammed his door. That night he dicided to sneek out and go to the old mans house. He did just that, he slung a ladder out the window and snuk out like a racoon. He ran to the old man’s house and rang the doorbell. As he rang it he noticed to oold man sitting out on the porch. He said ” Oh there you are i have the lasst part of the answer, it’s basketball.” The old man said ” Yes you got it right good job kid.” Now that you have sucsessfuly completed your challenge i will tell you who I am. ”I am Larry Modes.” Connor was shocked alot. Connor couldn’t move. Larry said ” Since you have figured out who I am you may have this.” He reached underthe swing on the porch and pulled out a skateboard, but not just any skateboard the first ever skateboard it was rusty and old! Connor wanted to faint. Connor said ” Oh my God thanks so much you are the coolest guy ever!” Connor ran home climbed up the latter only to find his mom standing infront of the window. ” Mom i can explain.”  ” You don’t need to Connor, Larry called me and told me everything your ungrounded.” Connor went to sleep after thier conversation and he woke up ran to Larry’s House only to find another note saying ”’ Connor by the time your reading this i will be dead the whole time you’ve been figuring all the answers out I’ve been dieing, You can have everything you want out of my house, Sincerly Larry.” Connor dropped the note and cryed but he walked inside his house and found over 1000 skateboards. He was so shocked. He just stated there and never came out. No one ever knew what happened to Connor until a new boy moved into the nieghborhood 1000 years later. The end.

My letter to the Kannapolis Police Department

Dear Kannapolis Police Department, 

My name is Will Martin and I like to skateboard around Cannon Village and A.L Brown high school. Every time i go there i either get kicked out or get chased off. I don’ like to get chased off because i don’t think skateboarding is really bad at all. One spot i really like to skate at is the old K-town Furniture loading docks.When they moved thier location they gave us permission to skateboard there. A while back when skaters started skating there we had som skate boxes and obstacles set up there and one night som people came and desroyed all of it and the police blamed it on us. Bmx people usesd to go there at night and vandilize the whole place to make it look like the skaters did it. So now when I skate at the loading docks I get kicked out by the police or random people that show up and say they own it. Sometimes the police arn’t nice about it. like this one time when it snowed and the ground was still wet me and my friend who is like my brother, we meet some more people at the old post office and skated up on the dock not off it but on it and while we were there we saw a cop just sitting across the street just looking at us and as we were leaving he pulled up really fast and said, ” Yall skateboarders have no right being here you are destroying the property, and most important every skateboarder is a descendant from hell.” When he said that it made me really mad. I got mad because when peopole think of skateboarders they think of drugs and vandilism and they never think about the good skaters who do it for fun. I think skateboarders should be able to skate were they want to as long as it’s not private property, or has no skateboarding signs. Thanks for your time. Write back soon.




Will Martin